Christmas In China

gene-wood The team at Word4Asia has taken some time to assemble a collection of both personal images from our 2018 Christmas holidays as well as scenes of contemporary Christmas in China.

We hope you enjoy these photos. We also wish our colleagues, friends and supporters the very best in your personal and professional lives throughout the coming year, 2019! May God bless your families, your health and your work!

Tim Chan Christmas

Our colleague, Tim, and his grand child.

Tim Chan 2

Tim and his family, see the Christmas lights in the background!


Our colleague, Summer, sends this photo from a local shopping mall. This must be Santa’s Train!


Gene and Carol Wood spent Christmas on board the Viking Orion, in New Zealand!


Another photo sent by Summer!


Wow – doesn’t that Christmas dessert look delicious!

Snow 8

Beautiful China in the snow.

Snow 7

Dickens might have called this, ‘The ghost of Christmas past meets the ghost of Christmas present’.

Snow 6

So happy it’s Christmas, he can Bearly stand it!

Snow 5

Beautiful ice carvings at a winter festival in China

Snow 4

Can you believe its carved from ice?

Snow 3

Peaceful, winter serenity.

Snow 2

Snow falls on the Great Wall.

Snow 1

Snow shrouds a beautiful scene.

Silent Night Sung In Four Languages

Silent Night sung in four languages.

Merry Christmas From Gene And Carol

Gene and Carol cruising through Sydney Harbor, opera house in the back!

Kwok Chan

Our colleague, Tim and his grand baby!

Downtown Christchurch

Christmas is summertime, if you’re in Christchurch,New Zealand.

Decorated Chinese Mall At Christmas

Chinese malls are decorated beautifully at Christmas.

Christmastime At The Sydney Opera House

A sunnier view of Sydney Opera House.

Christmas In China 1

Festive and colorful; China at Christmas time.

Christmas In New Zealand

Another view on board the Orion.

Christmas In Melbourne

Gene and Carol learned that Melbourne spruces things up during the holidays too.

Christmas In China 2

In China, everyone enjoys the holidays – these ‘elves’ certainly are!

Christmas In China  3

Dancing on festive ice!

Christmas In China   6

A view from the bustling street during the holidays!

Christmas In China   5
Christmas In China   4

Gigantic lights brighten up the festive atmosphere!

Christmas At The Wood Home

Gene and Carol’s home; shortly before their departure to New Zealand!

Children 3
Children 1

Even these little ones get into the act!

Children   7

In Hong Kong, festive songs are shared by children.

Children   6

Lots of merriment before the holidays!

Children   5

Some insight into Chinese Christmas celebrations.

At Sea On Viking

A look down a few decks on board the Viking Orion.


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