The Greatest Story Ever Told

by Joe

The Christmas story is pretty basic. God loved the world so He sent His Son into this world to bring peace and joy. Mixture of opinions on this event. Some see it as mythology. Others a time-space history. I happen to be of the latter opinion.  Let me share some takeaways from this story which perhaps most all of us can be encouraged by. 

  1. The season reminds us that the Creator is very interested in the events of this earth. 

2. God’s love is for the entire world. It is not national or sectarian. 

3. The message is to be one which contributes to “peace on earth.”

4. The event was intended to contribute to our “joy.” 

 As a consulting firm which serves as a bridge between the two largest economies we deal constantly with divergent philosophies, world-views and yes some religious opinions. This time of year should lead us to look for points of agreement and understanding.  While I do not believe in all the assumptions frequently associated with the Dragon Boat Festival in China, I can nonetheless appreciate the spirit of fun and celebration it brings as well as the core historic event being remembered.   Likewise, many of our Chinese friends do not believe in the birth of the Christ-child who we believe was sent by God to be our Savior. All the same, we hope they also can join in our desire to see “peace on earth and good will to all upon whom His favor rest.”  

Merry Christmas, 

From your friends at Word4Asia Consulting International.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Word 4 Asia wishes you and your families and wonderful Christmas and a blessed and prosperous 2020!



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