We Wish You a Happy New Year, 2019!

by Joe


It’s the beginning of a fresh, new year!  As predictable as another trip around the sun, people all over the world are thinking about their lives at this time of year and hashing up brand new ways to get a little closer to being ‘all they can be’, to borrow from the US Army’s slogan.

While at first you may not think of it, it turns out that our friends in China are also thinking of how they, too, will make 2019 a better, more productive, healthier, happier year.

We thought it would be interesting to compare  how the top New Year’s resolutions Americans make might be the same or different from what happens in China.  The results highlight how similar our two vastly different cultures are in this regard.  Perhaps this can be boiled down to one single fact; people are people, no matter where they live in the world.

Top New Year’s Resolutions in China Top New Year’s Resolutions in America
To be more family oriented. Exercise more
To be more physically fit Lose weight
To trim that waistline Get organized
 Quit smoking Learn a new skill or hobby
Quit drinking Life life to the fullest
Control shopping and buying sprees Save more money/ spend less money
Be more organized Quit smoking
Be debt free Spend more time with friends and family
Save, save, save! Travel more
Learn something new Read more

With a few differences in placement, you can see these two lists are very nearly the same.  East to West, to me it seems to say that we are more alike in our humanity than we are different.  At a time that is filled with more conflict than we’d like to see, this fact is encouraging.  It’s Word4Asia’s deepest desire that through continued mutual understanding and respect, through continued dialogue and trust, these similarities that have always brought us together will continue to provide the fertile soil for continued growth.


Word 4 Asia wishes our entire extended family of colleagues, clients, supporters and friends a prosperous and fulfilling 2019!


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