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IMG 0176

The entire W4A team gathered to wish you a Merry Christmas!

IMG 0181

Our team members, Leo and Summer joined Gene and Carol for dinner at the Woods’ residence.

IMG 0180

Liping, Summer and Leo in good company.

IMG 0177

The W4A team gathered outside our offices.

IMG 0192

Summer rode President Nixon’s ‘copter all the way from China for her visit!

IMG 0187

Liping enjoys a moment with President Nixon and his wife, Pat, courtesy of our new W4A time-machine!

IMG 0179

Leo and Summer visited Saddleback Church and met Rick Warren.

IMG 0178

The W4A management team overlooking the view outside our offices.

IMG 0091

Opening of the History of the Bible Museum.

IMG 0098

A gathering at the museum.

IMG 0101

Some of those who attended.

IMG 0102

Waiting to go inside.

IMG 0119

Gene with Dwight Nordstrom and a guest at the China Source briefing.

IMG 0120

Dwight Nordstrom, CEO of ZDL, spoke at the China Source briefing.

IMG 0121

Brent Fulton, President of China Source, also spoke at the meeting.

IMG 0122

Our friends and colleagues at China Source.

IMG 20100716 125548

Attending the Future of Asia Conference in L.A.

IMG 20100716 152530

US Commander of the Pacific Fleet.

IMG 20100716 095301

Fascinating panel speakers at the Future of Asia Conference.

IMG 20100716 055804

New technology and a peek into the future.

20170706 021845

A 2 a.m. departure.

20170713 130715

Gene at one of the eight mountain passes.

IMG 20100511 144851

Gene wins a debate with Mark Twain

IMG 20100511 154957

Sunset on Lake Tahoe

20170627 203256

Discussing our W4A Israel trip.

20170630 120342

We enjoy partnering.

20170630 120349

Discussing a video backpack.

20170809 081444

Gene and Carol enjoyed a fabulous breakfast with the Barnabas group!

For more about Gene’s 2017 tour of California’s back roads follow the link.

IMG 6859

Wellness2Asia meeting


Liping and Word4Asia friend, Marian Varghese.


Carol with Marian Varghese

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Meeting with the Barnabas Group.

20170624 194729

Enjoying a meal with General Manager Liu.

20170624 194745

Enjoying a meal with General Manager Liu.

IMG 0271

Gifts of friendship.

IMG 0269

Gene and Carol Wood with General Manager Liu and his family.

Chinese Business Gahering In Arcadia

Chinese business gathering in Arcadia.

Consulting In W4A Boardroom

Consulting in W4A boardroom.

Gene Preparing To Speak

Gene prepares to speak.

Using Interpreters In Arcadia

Using interpreters in Arcadia.

Attending A National Conference

Attending a national conference.

Filming Project

Filming project.

Meeting Wtith New Friends

Meeting with new friends.

Image1 (2)

At CLA, Dallas.


At the CLA conference in Dallas.

Image2 (1)

Quick-Draw Gene Styling a New Stetson.

Enjoying The Time With Our Guests

Enjoying the time with our guests.

Opening Up The Wood's Home To Guests

Opening up the Wood’s home to guests.

Room With A View

Room with a view.

Visiting Clients Across The US

Visiting clients across the USA.

Breakfast Networking

Breakfast networking.

Dinner At The Woods Home

Dinner at the Wood’s home.

Enjoying The View

Enjoying the view.

Great Way To End A Meeting

Great way to end a meeting.

Taking A Nature Break

Taking a nature break.

Exchanging Phone Numbers

Exchanging phone numbers.



Friends Visit California

Friends visit California.

Elder Fu Introduces His Delegation

Elder Fu introduces his delegation.

Old Friends Connecting

Old friends connecting.

Coffee Break

Coffee break.

Clients Visit W4A Offices

Clients visit W4A offices.

Gene Is Confused As Normal

Gene, confused like normal.

Laughter With Elder Fu

Laughter with Elder Fu.

CCC And SARA Delegation R1

CCC and SARA delegation.

Elder Fu Answering Questions R1

Elder Fu answering questions.

Good People And Good BBQ R1

Good people and good BBQ.

Mr. Shan   Editor Of Tianfeng Magazine R1

Mr. Shan, editor of Tianfeng magazine.

SWOT Analysis   Barnabas Group R1

SWOT analysis, Barnabas group.

Rev. Zhang   Success In Jiangsu R1

Rev Zhang success in Jiangsu.

W4a Sponsors Symposium

W4A sponsors symposium.

The Full View

Green and Sunny Orange County.

Smog Free View

Crystal clear skies and snow capped peaks.

The Sun Finally Peeking Out

The sun is finally peeking out.

The Rain Has Revived The Hills R1jpg

The rain has revived our local hills.

Lunch With A Good Friend

Lunch with a good friend

We Were Hungry

We were hungry!

A Warming Candle Set On The Main Coffee Table

A warming candle to sit by.

Christmas Tree With All The Presents

A tree decked out with presents.

Garland Across The Entrance Desk

Garland slung across the reception desk.

Presents Wrapped For Our Christmas Child

And gifts for our Christmas Child.

The Charlie Brown Tree

Even Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Reminders that the Season is here!

Add To December Taking Time Off To Spend Christmas With Family R1

Taking time off to spend Christmas with the family.

Add To December Long Time Friend Timothy Chan Will Be Joining The W4a Team In 2017 R1

Gene with long time friend and new W4A team member, Timothy Chan

Joe And Gene Celebrate Hawaiin Night At The Clippers Game

Gene and W4A webmaster, Joe Hines. Hawaiian night at Clippers basketball!

Retouched Friends And Clients Visit Office

Friends And clients visit office

Add To November Meetings With Friends In Pasadena

Meetings with friends in Pasadena.

Add To November Remembeing Past Events And Looking Foward Together With Danny Yu

A warm visit with Danny Yu; looking forward, remembering back.

Add To November One More Benefit Of Visiting Client Friends In Fort Lauderdale

From our visit with client friends in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale

Hector Alas Talks Of His New Position With Orphan Helpers Hectors Experience In El Salvador Will Make Him Invaluable

Hector talks about his new role with Orphan Helpers in El Salvador!

Enjoying One Of Many Conferences Together

Enjoying one of many conferences together.

Gathering To Talk About Upcoming Trips

Gathering to talk about upcoming trips.

Keynote Address For Kairos Annual Banquet

Keynote address for Kairos annual banquet.

Morning View From Estes Park

Morning view from Estes Park.

Old Friend Danny Yu Who Leads Cle

Old friend, Danny Yu, who leads CLE

Worship At The Burmese Baptist Church

Worship at the Burmese Baptist Church.

Pastor Timothy Chan Long Time Friend Of W4a Connects With Chip Ingram A New W4a Client

Our friend, Pastor Timothy Chan and new client, Chip Ingram.

Monday Morning Conference Calls

Morning conference calls.

Former Ambassador To South Korea

Former ambassador to South Korea.

Carol And Gene Meet With Friends At The Barnabas Group Gathering

Carol & Gene at the Barnabas Group gathering.

Best Of Anaheim 2016

Best of Anaheim, 2016.

Liping With Ma Meng Who Will Be Studying At Claremont Graduate School

Liping with Ma Meng who will be studying at Claremont Graduate School.

Gene Makes Friends With Andy Xie At The Future Of Asia Conference

Gene makes friends with Andy Xie at the Future of Asia conference.

Meeting With Andrew Accardy, The CFO Of Living On The Edge

Meetings with Andrew Accardy, the CFO of “Living On the Edge”

August   Friends Visiting The Office

Friends visiting the office.

Meeting New Prospective Clients

Meeting new prospective clients

Entertaining Guests At The Woods House

Entertaining guests at the Woods’ house.

AT&T Building In Nashville

AT&T building; Nashville, TN

A Fallen Tree

The big tree catches the wind.

July   Hosting Mr. Liu At The Wood's House

Hosting Mr. Liu at the Wood’s House

July   Taking Our Guest To Visit Colleges

Taking our guest to visit colleges.


Guests taking in the view of the valley.


Hosting Word4Asia guests at the Woods’ house.


Welcoming Arend Neuteboom from 3M.


Arend from 3M and Liping from W4A in our new office.


Discussing the details.

Taken In Toronto, Canada On Gene's Way Back To The Airport From A Client Meeting

Scenic tour around Toronto, Canada.

Testing Out The New Patio Furniture We Built

Testing out the new patio furniture we built.

Enjoying The Vew From The New Office

Enjoying the view from the new office.

IMG 8864

A little old with a touch of new to make everything come together in the finishing touches.

IMG 8863

Word4Asia would like to warmly welcome our guests to our new office!

Liping Office

Liping testing out the new office!

Talking With Friends At The Christian Leadership Alliance In Dallas, Texas

Talking with friends. Christian Leadership Alliance, Dallas, TX.

Prestonwood Church In Dallas

Our visit to beautiful Prestonwood Church in Dallas, TX

Taking In The Beautiful Pond In Front Of Prestonwood Church

Taking in the beautiful pond of Prestonwood Church.

Dr. Gene Briefing With Good Friends In South Carolina

Dr. Gene briefing with good friends in South Carolina.

All Smiles After The Briefing In South Carolina

All smiles after the briefing in South Carolina.

New T Shirts

Making good use of our new Word 4 Asia shirts.

Talking With Friends At The Christian Leadership Alliance In Dallas, Texas

Talking with friends at the Christian Leadership Alliance in Dallas, TX.

Enjoying Lunch With Our Friends In Florida

Enjoying lunch with our friends in Florida.

With Friends In Florida

With friends in Florida.

Dr. Wood With KAIROS New Leader Rev. Hung And Exec Dir Dr. Meilin Messick

Dr. Wood with KAIROS leader, Rev. Hung and Executive Director, Dr. Meilin Messick

January 2016

Liping and our good friend, Ms. Yang, from Jiangsu’s religious affairs bureau

Liping and our good friend, Ms. Yang, from Jiangsu’s religious affairs bureau.

Fellowship With Marco Herrera At The Woods' House

Fellowship with Marco Herrera at the Woods House.

Amity Foundation's 30th Anniversary

Amity Foundation’s 30th Anniversary

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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