The Three Principles We Manage By

by Joe

Word 4 Asia has been been serving clients in our unique niche for over twenty years.  During that time, we’ve worked with many clients to help them achieve difficult goals.  Looking back, I can see a common thread of things that I believe have contributed towards successful projects.  While, every organization is different, there are a number of principles that we’ve ‘top of mind’.  Doing so has allowed us to succeed.  This month’s blog is about those principles.

Principle Number One: Serve From Our Strengths

We’re only as good as the combined set of our company’s and our team’s experience.  From time to time, we’ve been asked to partner with certain organizations on topics that were outside our ‘wheel house’.  We’ve passed on most of those opportunities.   We know that when our prospects come to us for help, its because our reputation is very good and they’ve received strong referrals.   We know that new clients are often hiring our reputation because to them it’s a promise of what they can experience.  We will never sell what we cannot deliver. 

When we commit to a project, it’s because we know we have the right experience for it.  To us, this means

We understand the environment our customers want to succeed in.  There are so many differences between working in mainland China and the world that most of our clients inhabit in the western world.  We have been to China hundreds of times.  We know the people, how things get done, what to look out for and how to get things done more easily.  We can’t say the same for other regions of Asia, so we don’t work in those other regions.

Our word is our bond.  If Word 4 Asia make a promise, it’s going to happen.  We also do everything in our power to accomplish those promises within the scope of the time period and the project budget.  One of my pet peeves is a vendor who over-commits and under-delivers.  My entire team knows this and they’re trained and cautioned about making that mistake.

Trust is everything in our business.  Many of our customers have relied on our expertise for years.  Trust is one of the most important reasons why they continue to come back to us.

Principle Number Two: Willingness to Partner

We stand behind our work.  Completely.  We’ve got such skin in the game that we promise to return our client’s fees if we were unable to complete anything that was in-scope. 

By aligning our fee with our clients’ outcomes, we believe we’re communicating several very important messages.  One, that we believe in their work and their organization.   Two, that we are committed to their success for the long-term, not just during the period under our contract.  We’re saying that we’re willing to assume the same level of risk they are, because we believe in our own work, and in the work our clients perform as well.

One sub-point under willingness to partner relates to the way Word 4 Asia responds to our client’s “Requests for Price/ Proposal”.  Some consulting firms are so focused on limiting their exposure that they even submit boiler plate replies to the RFPs they receive.  You’d never find that with us.  When we quote an engagement or project, we take the time to consider every facet of the project.  Besides being accurate, this also helps us stay true to the points discussed under ‘trust’ and ‘integrity’.

Principle Number Three: Fees

Many organizations are now listing ‘fees’ as the second highest priority, after experience, when it comes to choosing between potential consultants.  This hasn’t always been the case but it does show how important the Purchasing department has become in consultant selection.   For some consultants, this might seem threatening.  However, to our way of thinking, its just business as usual.  As true partners to our clients, we’ve always considered stewarding their resources a very important part of our role while serving them.   Our proposals are heavy on details so the fairness of our quotes is readily apparent.  We’re proud of that.

Perhaps your organization is looking for a trusted partner to help you achieve your goals in mainland China.  Word 4 Asia is an experienced and trusted partner to many organizations in the USA.  Perhaps we have the right combination of background, personnel and skills you need.  The best way to find out is to contact us at or you can phone Dr. Gene Wood at 714) 769-9114.   We’ll be ready for your call!

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