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Dinner with friends in Jiangsu

Another Fabulous Day In Pu Dong

Another fabulous day in Pu Dong.

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Big city sunrise in China


A modern bridge spans the river


Bridge into the old village.

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Beautiful skyline at night.


Greeting friends and sharing stories.


China’s natural beauty.


Happy people, smiling faces.

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A beautiful, modern bridge.


At a seminar.

1. Yunnan Bai Minority Group Cooking Food

Yunnan Bai Minority cooking food.

2. Yunnan Bai Minority Group Cooking Food

Yunnan Bai minority cooking food.

3. Yunnan Bai Minority Group People Taking Picture With Their Traditional Clothing

Yunnan Bai minority in traditional clothing.

4. A Primary School For Yunnan Bai Minority Group

Primary school for Yunnan Bai minority.

5. Yunnan Dali Old City Street

Yunnan Dali old city street.

6. Yunan Lisu Minority People Are Dancing

Yunnan Lisu minority dancing

7.A Gril Is Taking Picture On Dali Erhai Lake

Beautiful girl on lake Dali Erhai

8. Shanghai Night View  Took From Oriental Pearl

Shanghai nights!

9.Harbin Flood Control Monument

Harbin flood control monument.

10. Leo Hurt His Leg Because He Wants Be Like Kobe Bryant   复件

Leo learns he is NOT Kobe Bryant

Cold Shrimp   Sweet Potato Flower

Sweet Potato looks like cold shrimp.

Delegate Eating Silk Worm

Eating delicious silk worm.

Fish Restaurant Yangtzi River

A fish restaurant on the Yangzi river.

Foggy Morning Lakeside

A foggy morning, lakeside.

Fried Cicada

Delicious fried cicada.

Home Made Dumplings

Home made dumplings.

Jade Horses

Jade horse decoration.

Spicy Food   Lazy Susan Table

Spicy food on a lazy susan table.

Spicy Frog

Spicy frog.

Traditional Chinese Gate

A traditional Chinese gate.

Traditional Spicy Food Sichuan

Traditional spicy food from Sichuan.

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Big city sunrise in China

Walking Street In Bai Minority Prefercture

Walking street in Bai minority prefecture.

Tropical Southern China Architecture

Tropical Southern China architecture.

Miao Village Paiintings Sidewalk

Miao village sidewalk paintings.

Miao Minority Village

Miao minority village.

Literature Gifts

Literature gifts.

Breakfast At Roadside

Breakfast at roadside restaurant.

Gifting Ceremony

Gifting ceremony.

Gift Of Bikes

Gift of bikes.

Euro Sino Village Created In Yunnan Province

Euro-Sino village, Yunnan province.

Euro Sino Village

Euro-Sino village.

W4A Team During May Projects

W4A team during May projects.

View Of Shanghai From Pu Dong

View of Shanghai from Du Pong.

Beautiful Mountain Landscape Southern China

Beautiful mountain landscape, southern China.

Shopping In Nanchong R1

Shopping in Nanchong.

Hosted By The City RAB R1

Hosted by the city RAB.

A Mutual Language Through Art R1

Art, a shared language.

Chongqing City

Chongqing City.

Architecture And Lighting

Light and architecture.

Hosted By The City RAB

Hosted by the city RAB.

Sculptures In The Streets

Street sculpture.

Skyscrapers Towering Above

Towering skyscrapers.

Touring The Amity Press

Touring the Amity Press.

Taking Our Team On A Tour

Taking our team on a tour.

Recharging At The Park

Recharging at the park.

Snow Before Spring

Snow before spring.

Art From A Local

Art from a local.

Another Beautiful Sunset

Another beautiful sunset.

Getting Out Of The City R1

Getting out of the city.

Hand Paintings

Hand paintings.

Breathtaking Sunset

A breathtaking sunset.

Festive Decorations

Festive decorations.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland.

Golden Rays Peaking Through

Golden rays peeking through.

Guess The Temperature

Guess the temperature.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year.

Morning Warm Ups

Morning warm ups.

Main Street Brightly Decorated

Main street, brightly decorated.

Harbin International Ice And Snow Festival

Harbin international ice and snow festival.

Historical Architecture

Historical architecture.

Ice Sculpture Park

Ice sculpture park.

Street Food

Street food

Open To The Public

Open to the public

Takin In The Varitey Of Color

Taking in the variety of color.

Modern Chinese Hotel Lobby

Modern Chinese hotel lobby.

Beautiful Day

Enjoying this very beautiful day

Building Something In An Empty Space

Building something in an empty space.

Henry And Liping Ducking Seagulls

Henry and Liping ducking seagulls.

Wuxi Picture #1

Visiting Wuxi.

Hong Kong Airport

A stop at the Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi 2

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi.

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi (2).

Leap Frog

Leap Frog.

My Favorite Airport

My favorite airport.

Talking Business In China

Talking business in China.

Taxi Ride To The Airport

Taxi ride to the airport.

They Say It Is Fog

They say it’s fog.

Winter In The Spring City

Winter in the Spring City.

Winter Decorations R1

Winter decorations.

Foggy Winter Morning R1

Foggy winter morning.

Shopping Local R1

Shopping locally.

Local Tapestries

Local tapestries.

Sun Breaking Through City Buildings R1

Sun breaking through city buildings.

Crisp Winter Morning

Crisp winter morning.

Nantong Picture

Visiting Nantong.


A modern bridge spans the river


Bridge into the old village.

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Beautiful skyline at night.


Greeting friends and sharing stories.


China’s natural beauty.


Happy people, smiling faces.

Dec Leaving The City For The Water

Leaving the city for the water.

Add To December W4a Annual Christmas Gifts R1

W4A annual Christmas gifts.

15000 Christmas Gift Boxes Being Prepared And Shipped For Children To Open On Christmas

15,000 gift boxes given to Chinese children.

Our View From A Local Tourist Spot

At a local tourist spot.

Commuting In Different Ways

Ways to commute.

Fueling The Fire For Our Next Meal

Firing up our next meal.

A Piece Of Nature Reserved

Nature reserved.

Clothes Line To Hang Dry In Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai clothes lines.

A Foggy Morning Bringing A Chill To The Air

A chilly, foggy morning.

Banquet Dinner With Friends From The Amity Press

A banquet with friends from the Amity Press.

Empero Liubang In The Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty Emperor, Liubang

Enough Said

Enough said!

Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance.

A Full House Attends The Elder Care Training

Full attendance at Elder Care training.

Handwashing Clothes In Rural China

Handwashing clothes; rural China

Also In English

Also in English

Carol Co Trains With Gene Received A Warm Welcome On A Cold Day In November

A warm greeting for Carol in chilly November.

Parking Spaces For Bikes In Old Shanghai

Bike parking spaces in Old Shanghai.

Information On Display At A Blind Date Event

Details displayed at a blind date event.

Having A Competitive Staring Competition

Are YOU looking at ME?

Joy Comes From Those Great And Small

Joy spans all ages.

Site Seeing Throughout The Country

Country-wide site seeing!

Table For One Please

A table for one, please!

W4a Enjoying Dinner With Friends In China

W4A enjoying dinner with friends.

Patiently Waiting For The Next Train

Time used well while awaiting our train.

The Moon Diseappears As The Sun Rises

One rises, while the other sets.

Traditional Farming

Traditional farming.

Trying On The Traditional Clothing

Dressing traditionally.

Visiting The Amity Press

Visiting the Amity Press.

Using Wechat To Say Merry Christmas To All In Chinese From W4a

Sending Christmas Cheer through Wechat.

Visiting Mangshan In The Henan Province

Visiting Mangshan; Henan Province.

W4a Guest Experiences Chinese Hospitality

A W4A guest enjoys Chinese hospitality.

We Were Left With A Real Cliff Hanger

A real cliff hanger!

Watching The Local Vendors Handcraft Items

A local vendors plies his craft.

Handing Out Needed Items

Handing out needed items.

Traditional Cooking

Traditional cooking

Still Shopping Even With The Rain

Still shopping even with the rain

Traveling From One Farm To Another

Traveling from one farm to another

Everything Looks Like A Clean Slate After A Refreshing November Rain

After a November rain.

A Quick Stop For A Snack

A quick stop tor a snack

A City So Bright And Colorful That A Picture Cant Capture The Beauty

Color, light and beauty!

Time For A Family Play Date

Time for a family play date.

Taking In The Crisp Air

Taking in the crisp air.

Preparing A Home Cooked Meal

A home cooked meal.

One Of Many Delicious Lunches

Another delicious lunch!

Architecture In The City

Architecture in the city.

A Freinds Wedding

A friend’s wedding.

A Dance Performance

A dance performance.

Sometimes The Journey Isnt Easy

A difficult journey.

Looking For Parking

Looking for parking.

Finding The Strength To Walk The Path

Finding the strength to walk the earth.

Emperors Cup

Emperor’s cup.

Can You Count How Many People Are On Thier Phones

How many people are on their phones?

A Guest Tries Chicken Feet

A guest tries chicken feet.

Taylor Team Makes New Friends

The Taylor team makes new friends.

Dr. Gene Meeting With SARA

Dr. Gene meeting with SARA.

Friendly Game Of Ping Pong

Friendly game of ping-pong.

Hudson Taylor 100th Year Anniversary

Hudson Taylor 100th Year Anniversary.

Hudson Taylor Monument

Hudson Taylor monument.

Nanjing Xuanwu Lake

Nanjing Kuanwu lake.



Receiving A Gift From SARA

A gift from SARA.

Replica And Actual Tombstone

Replica and actual tombstone.

Starting With Lunch

Starting with lunch.

Enjoying A Nice Banuet Dinner

Enjoying a nice banquet dinner.


Sharing the mic.


Finishing training a large group.


One more meeting.


Meeting with colleagues in China.


Greg and Leo.


Getting ready for a quick tour.


Beautiful night-time skyline.


Steps to success.


Helping prepare our next meal.


One of many feasts.


A look at the journey ahead.

Stopping To Take In The Beautiful View

Taking in the beautiful view.

One Of Many Banquets

One of many banquets.

Night Shopping

Night shopping.

Night Lights In Winter

Night lights i winter.

Nanjing Sun Yatsen Mousoleum

Nanjing Sun Yatsen mausoleum.

Modern Architecture In The City

Modern architecture in the city.

Exploring At Night

Exploring at night.

Catching The Light Reflecting Off The Water In Nanjing

Reflected light in Nanjing.

A Lesson In Tea

A lesson in tea.

Building Relationshps While Shopping

Building relationships while shopping.

Visiting The Great Wall

Visiting the great wall.

Teaching Others About Business

Teaching others about business.

Taking A Lunch Break

Taking a lunch break.

Farmers Harvesting Their Crops

Farmers harvesting their crops

Watching Different Workers Converse While They Commute

Watching different workers converse while they commute

In China Briefing The Taylor University Scripture Engagement Team R1

Briefing the Taylor University Scripture Engagement team.

Striking A Pose

Striking a pose.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Dressing Up As Santa

Dressing up as Santa

Happy Faces

Happy Faces

Joyous Smiles

Joyous Smiles


Confucian Temple

Confucian Temple

Gene And Carol Wood With Friends, Hosted By Mr. Lieu Amity Printing Press

Gene and Carol Wood with Friends, Hosted by Mr. Lieu Amity Printing Press

Peking Duck Is Served

Peking Duck is Served

Preparation Is Key

Preparation is Key

Rural Winter

Rural Winter

Scooters Enhance Itinerant Work

Scotters Enhance Itinerant Work

Shopping In Rural China

Shopping in Rural China

Thinking Like A Leader

Think Like a Leader


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