Helping Nonprofit Organizations In China

Word4Asia specializes in assuring non-profit organizations achieve their purposes in China and Southeast Asia. Too many well-intentioned organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars touring, exploring, planning and meeting yet have little to report when asked "What are you actually doing in China?"

Your vision, now realized.

W4A Consulting International guarantees we can turn your good intentions into actions. If we conclude we are unable to help you we’ll tell you early in our relationship to save everyone time and money.

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Word4Asia is a premier consulting firm dedicated to bridging the gap between Western organizations and the dynamic markets of Asia, with a special focus on China.

Elder Care Hospice

Word4Asia provides strategic guidance and comprehensive support for developing and managing elder care hospice facilities in Asia, ensuring high standards of care and regulatory compliance.

Micro Financing

We assist in establishing and growing sustainable microfinance programs that empower underserved communities in Asia through tailored financial products, regulatory compliance, and risk assessment.

Teaching English

Our services include curriculum development, teacher training, and program implementation to ensure effective and culturally relevant English teaching initiatives in Asia.

Teaching Leadership

We design and deliver leadership training programs that develop essential skills and measure impact, tailored to the cultural and organizational contexts of Asia.

Translation Services

Word4Asia offers professional translation and interpretation for meetings, conferences, documents, and marketing to ensure accurate and appropriate communication.

Understanding Religious Policy and Regulations

We provide expert consulting to help you understand and comply with local religious policies in Asia, ensuring sensitivity and compliance.

Your professional partner for success in Asia.

As proud members of the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA), Word4Asia is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in management consulting.

Word4Asia has been a wonderful organization with which to work. The relationships they have in China, their understanding of doing business there, and their manner of conducting business is exemplary.
Mark Carver
Saddleback Church

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Ping Pong Diplomacy

  ATTENTION PING PONG ENTHUSIASTS! Do not miss this rare opportunity! Word4Asia is co-chairing with Amity Foundation in Nanjing, China for an unprecedented event…the first ever International Philanthropic Ping Pong Tournament in China! As co-chair,




Attention Ping Pong enthusiasts! Do not miss
this rare opportunity!