Word4Asia specializes in assuring non-profit organizations achieve their purposes in China and Southeast Asia.

Too many well-intentioned organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting, exploring, planning and meeting yet have little to report when asked "What are you actually doing in China?"

W4A Consulting International guarantees we can turn your good intentions into actions.

If we conclude we are unable to help you we’ll tell you early in our relationship to save everyone time and money.

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We spend a lot of time working and traveling in China.
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Gene Wood Video 1

Introducing Our New Video Series.

Gene Wood 2

Constructive Working Relationships.

Establishing Friendships in China

Establishing friendships in China.

The Multiple Meanings of Yes

The Multiple Meanings of Yes.

Levels of Closeness

Levels of Closeness.

Thumb Nail June Vlog

Dr. Wood Addresses the Continuing Pandemic.

The Importance of Government Regulations

The Importance of Government Regulations.

September Video Thumb Nail

Eagerness to Return to China.

Avoiding Difficult Topics

Avoiding Difficult Topics

Gene Snapshot Book

Cross Cultural Communication

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Feb22 Vlog Thumbnail

Building Bridges in Uncertain Times

February 2022 Gene Thumbnail

China Update; February, 2022

March Thumbnail

Dr. Wood’s China Policy Update
March, 2022

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