At Word4Asia we have had the opportunity to work with many different organizations and people. Here is a small sampling of the feedback we have received:

“We have worked with Dr. Gene Wood, Liping, and many other Word4Asia staff since 2010 successfully completing five projects; one without feet on the ground in China. Word4Asia has consistently demonstrated to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, and faithful. With many years of experience and a proven record of accomplishment, Word4Asia has the skills, abilities, resources and all-important guanxi that have enabled us to be cost-effective in China. I always feel safe when in China because of Word4Asia’s qualified and experienced staff that accompanies us. Their competence and diligence enables us to relax, focus on our purpose for being there, and enjoy the complete China experience. Word4Asia and their services are indispensable when it comes to ensuring success and effectiveness in China.”

Charles Kurtz,
Kansas City

“Word4Asia has been a wonderful organization with which to work. The relationships they have in China, their understanding of doing business there, and their manner of conducting business is exemplary. They are clear and consistent in their advice and have always been timely and comprehensive in their project implementation. I cannot conceive of working in China without their advice and guidance.”

Mark Carver
Saddleback Church

“Our organization has been very pleased with Dr. Gene Wood and the entire Word4Asia staff. Whether it is scheduling our transportation in country (China), or ensuring our secure passage through their network of contacts, we have not experienced cause for concern in achieving our goals. In the two instances where plans needed to be changed their team was leading the way and working with local officials so our organization could continue to succeed. We are so impressed with the quality of interpreters Word4Asia supplies and have full confidence in them.”

Darrell D. Godfrey
Kansas City, Kansas

“I, Dwight Nordstrom, have lived & worked in China for over 30 years; for most of this time, I’ve been chairman of PRI ( which has had over 25 equity holdings in China. Most of our operations are in manufacturing but several in media including the largest Christian publishing company (

PRI has been very pleased with our relationship with Word4Asia over several years. We have found them to be excellent in bridging the China-USA cultural & business divide. Also their standards of ethics and high loyalty to their network of “old friends” is commendable.”

Dwight Nordstrom
PRI Management Consulting, Ltd.

“Our team was incredibly satisfied with our recent China experience with Word4Asia. As one who has lived and worked in China, I was impressed with the detail and preparation Gene Wood and his team put into the design of our schedule and program. Our assigned group guides/translators were superb in their ability to relay our group’s content, arrange travel logistics, and interact effectively and enjoyably with our team. The expertise and range of contacts that Dr. Wood has cultivated through the years made for a unique and highly impactful experience – one which we could not have duplicated on our own. I trust that we will have another opportunity to work with Word4Asia in the future.”

Charlie Brainer, Ph.D.
Dean, International Programs
Taylor University

“Word4Asia has been an indispensable help in guiding and consulting us in our endeavors. Through several years of working with Word4Asia, we are convinced they are the foremost knowledgeable thinker and strategist on the planet in bringing the chasm of Western and Eastern though together. Doors have been opened, our experiences have been splendid, and the relationships that have been created are never-ending. Word4Asia is impeccable when it comes to attention of detail and the precision of their planning makes working with them a joy and gives comfort and stability on the other side of the world. After literally years of looking for a meaningful partnership, we were led to more with Word4Asia.”


“I was fascinated when we reviewed your presentation. You have a wonderful presence – probably the best platform skills I’ve seen in several years of participating in webinars.”

Loraine Huchler
Chair & CEO (2013-2015)
Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA)
Winner of 2012 Society of Women Engineers Entrepreneur Award &
2013 NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business

China was amazing. Everything about this trip was extraordinary. Our host received us with such great warmth. It’s almost as if we had known each other for years. The language barrier was hardly an issue as Word4Asia’s interpreter did an excellent job. Overall, the humility attained and the experience and memories are something I will always carry with me. China gave me hope. It made me understand that there is an open door, and we must do as much as we can. It is our responsibility to do as much as possible. I truly enjoyed the company of my team. The accommodations were excellent and the food was delicious. There were a few times when things got a bit rough, but those challenges are what we remember. I look forward to going back someday.


“I had the unique opportunity to visit China on a 16-day trip with MSI and Dr. Reggie Tsang, with 2001 as a comparison to 2015. In 2001, my experience was almost ‘Cloak and dagger.’ So with this in mind, I had a difficult time wrapping my brain and emotions around the openness afforded W4A today. In the airport, as soon as our flight was cancelled, police came over to us to be certain we had a place to stay for the night, in a very caring fashion. From traveling by plane, to subway, to taxis, to buses, I never felt threatened or that my safety or the safety of our team was in jeopardy. The organization and planning by W4A for such a large undertaking with your clients and colleagues coming from all over the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom was extremely impressive. The W4A staff was the glue that held everything together for this trip.”

Rick M., Retired Southern California Fire Chief

“Working with W4A has been a great experience! Their knowledge of the breadth and depth of the religious and civil policies has been invaluable to our organization as we develop our strategy for China. China can be a challenging country to navigate but after several consultations with Word 4 Asia helping us to understand the context, we believe we have developed a long term strategy for the country. Their network throughout the country is unmatched by any other organization we have worked with. It’s been a great pleasure to work with them!”

T.H., Director
Non-Profit Organization

“We have worked with Gene Wood and his team to assist us with philanthropic projects in China since he founded Word4Asia in 2010.
Word4Asia have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge on business practices and understanding of cultural differences in China, particularly relating to not-for-profit activities.

Working with the Word4Asia team in China has been a joy, their excellent pre-project planning shines through, especially regarding matters of relationship with Chinese associates.

We have full confidence that Word4Asia will deliver what they promise, and clearly explain with credibility when tasks or ideas are difficult to implement for whatever practical local reason.

Mark Newton, Managing Director
LMK Thermosafe Ltd.

“From the scheduling of meetings, transportation to and from the airport, domestic travel plans, hotel accomodations, etc. it all comes together smoothly. You have accomodated me graciously when the airline changed my flight times and it caused you to wait two extra hours for me at the airport. I appreciate that!

As for your people, Leo and Summer are dedicated, communicate well and are a delight to work with. Because of their expertise, I can feel more relaxed as I move around and don’t have to focus on the typical concerns of a tourist traveler.”

Tom Dawson CLU, ChFC; Insurance Brokerage Services

“To be successful overseas it is critical to bring trusted advisers around us to offer counsel and support. To that end we have engaged the services of Word4Asia. The expertise and support we have received allowed us to effectively accomplish our objectives with the utmost efficiency and integrity.”

Joel G. Board Chair

“As we enter our third year as a client of Word4Asia we have benefited in many cost-efficient ways. Because of Word4Asia’s willingness to share their expertise and network we are not required to have in country staff of our own to accomplish our objectives. Consequently we are able to focus entirely on our goals, being confident we will have 100% success with outcomes. This relationship with W4A has allowed us immediate success which would have taken years of trial and error had we pursued the work on our own.”

Jonathon B. President

“My wife and I had the privilege of working in rural China on two occasions. Both times we were satisfied with the experience.  Mrs. Liping Martinez (Executive Director) had every detail organized and the Chinese leaders we worked with were gracious and well prepared for our project when we arrived.

I encourage you to partner with Word4Asia and discover how your availability and visions can have impact in China and for eternity.”

Dave and Rachel W. CEO

“We have engaged the services of Word4Asia Consulting International for two years now. We have found Word4Asia’s process of working in China to be culturally sensitive, respectful and effective. Dr. Gene Wood and Liping Martinez have over ten years’ experience in China and many valuable partnerships there. You will discover W4A Consultants to be highly energetic, diligent and focused.

W4A is an excellent consulting firm and knows how to assist us in achieving our objectives working with China partners.”

Marco H. International Director

“Based on their knowledge and experience of China they have provided us an evaluation of KCSIs’ organization and assisted us in improving our effectiveness. W4A analysis and suggestions confirmed our previous consensus and inspired us with new perspectives and ideas.”

Dr. Thomas N. Executive Director



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