One Year After Covid-19, China’s Economy Continues to Grow.

Is There Trouble on the Horizon? Over a year after the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the United States and China continue their competitive sparring for the spot of Earth’s largest economy.  Much has already been said about China’s incredible economic rebound in the final quarter of 2020.  This aim of this month’s blog is to […]

Giving Thanks: A China-US Cultural Comparison

America is about to celebrate another Thanksgiving this week.  Thanksgiving, 2020 is actually our 157thannual celebration of the holiday that Abraham Lincoln first introduced during the depths of our tragic Civil War.  It says a lot about our national character that, when our nation’s morale was at a very low ebb, we chose to stop the blood-shed […]

A Good Time for Transparency

What does Word4Asia Consulting do? We help quality non profits who wish to work in mainland China.  It’s important that you understand this in order to appreciate what I am about to share. My words are specific to Westerners who wish to work in/ serve China.  When I speak of transparency I am not using it as a synonym […]

Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery in China

Any assessment of current affairs depends upon the selected sources. Our summary here is, in fact, deducted from the information reflected in the sources listed below.  Once, Miami Dolphin Coach, Don Shula, announced a game plan on Saturday.  On Monday morning following the game, a reporter asked Shula why he had changed his game plan at half-time […]



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