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Gene and Liping are in China in November. Check back in December for some updates!

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Word4Asia specializes in assuring non-profit organizations achieve their purposes in China and Southeast Asia.

Too many well-intentioned organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting, exploring, planning and meeting yet have little to report when asked "What are you actually doing in China?"

W4A Consulting International guarantees we can turn your good intentions into actions.

If we conclude we are unable to help you we'll tell you early in our relationship to save everyone time and money.


Photo Gallery

Each month, we add photos from our many travels to China as a way to show you just a little of the culture and scenic beauty we experience each time we are welcomed back to China.  It’s our hope that you will enjoy these photos and that you will learn a little more about this fascinating place and its wonderful people!

2023  November

Farmers harvesting oranges in the orchard.

Lugu Lake in Sichuan Province. The locals call this area the Grass Sea.

Mooncake – A Chinese mid-Autumn festival food.

Tourists looking at beautiful Autumn scenery in Jiuzhaigou National Park in Chengdu, China.

2023  October

Arrow Watch Tower Palace wall in Autumn.

Happy smiles while swinging.

Beautiful Autumn colors at the Great Wall of China.

Old mountain village in Huizhou-style architecture in Jiangxi Province. Every Autumn, families dry chili pepper and other crops outside their houses.

2023  September

Local street food in Qibao Ancient Town, Shanghai

Zhou Zhuang water village in Shanghai

Checking ripe rice in Autumn

Chinese lanterns at a religious festival

2023  August

Guangxi Chinese Detian cross-border waterfall

Shanghai skyline

Playing in the rice crop

A lovely park in summer

2023  July

Lots of smiles in the peanut field

Heat wave in the city

Aerial view of a beautiful tea field

Picking dates on the farm

2023 June

Front Gate, Beijing – Main Entrance to the Forbidden City

Smiling Mongolian girl hugs a sheep

Sculpture portraying People’s Army fighting to win the war in 1940s

Green Tea Field In Morning

National Museum of China – Beijing

2023 May

Children’s art festival in downtown Beijing

San Li Tun, Beijing Ex Pat Area with all the embassies, Inter Con Hotel and central business district

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Fisherman on the Li River in Guilin

Arial top view of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and the glass bridge

2023 April

Pudong District in Shanghai, birds eye view of the high rises and resident buildings rubbing shoulders

Students in front of a grade school in downtown Bejing, built in 1868

Blooming colorful trees in Spring in Bejing

A local landmark and tourist attraction, the Olympus Ice Skating Venue built for the 2020 Winter Olympics

Sugar Coated Hawthorns, a winter street/folk snack for the Northern Chinese

A street behind Tiananmen Square featuring a local art festival with a theme of LOVE (motherly love towards children)

2023 March

Cherry blossoms in Lijiang in March

Stone memorial archway at the edge of the village

Dong’an Lake Gymnasium. Venue of the World University Games.

Dusk in the Tengchong countryside

Yulong snow mountain in Yunnan Province

2023 – February

It’s the month of love! Chinese bride and groom in traditional wedding ceremony attire

Strolling along the street

Tiger models on display at Chinatown Junction, Singapore

Beautiful winter landscape on Lushan Mountain

Three pagodas of Chongshen Temple, Yunnan, China

2023 January

Hanging red couplets in the early morning in preparation for Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

A family reunion dinner in the early afternoon

After dinner, children greet their elders, and the elders give children cash in red envelopes

After dinner it’s a time to enjoy the fireworks

Fireworks on the street

People will gather together and enjoy TV programs, such as ‘Chun Jie Wan Hui’. This will be a time for family to gather together to make dumplings

2022 December

Beautiful Nature Landscape Of Huang Long And Jiuzhaigou Park National Park With Amazing Snow In Sichuan , China

Huang Long and Jiuzhaigou Park National Park

Corner Tower Of The Forbidden City, Beijing

Corner Tower of the Forbidden City

Little Girl And Mother In Snow

Enjoying fun times in the snow.

Young Children Playing In The Snow

It was a perfect day for making snowballs.

Red And White Tangyuan With Savory Soup.

Tang Yuan soup. Perfect after playing in the snow.

Happy Chinese New Year 2023 Year Of The Rabbit Zodiac Sign With Flower,lantern,asian Elements Gold Paper Cut Style On Color Background. (Translation : Happy New Year)

See you next year as we celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!

2022 November

Yi Tribal Village In The Early Winter Valley

Yi Tribal Village.

Beijing, China, November 29, 2021

Snowboarding in Beijing.

Beijing Jingshan Wanchun Pavilion In The Snow

Wanchun Pavilion.

Chinese Bridge In A Romantic Park

Beautiful Chinese bridge.

Summer Palace In Beijing . Autumn

Summer Palace in Beijing.

2022 October

Young Hiker At Great Wall ,Beijing,China

The Great Wall in Autumn

Holy Mountain Xiannairi, Shangri La View With Autumn Forest On Sunny Day At Yading Nature Reserve

Holy Mountain Xiannairi at Yading Nature Reserve

People Standing On The Bridge In Beautiful Nature

Sichuan, China

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

Mountain Road, China

Mountain Road

2022 September

Malaysia Hawker Culture, Clay Pot Chicken Rice Stock Photo

Clay pot chicken and rice.

Landscape Of Guilin

Landscape Of Guilin

Kaohsiung's Famous Tourist Attractions


Crowd In Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) In China

The Forbidden City

Tiger's Nest   Paro Taktsang Monastery, Built On A Himalayan Cliffside, Whithout Any Vehicle Access, Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest

2022 August

Yangtze Riverbank Promenade

Yangtze riverbank promenade

Woman Wearing Surgical Face Mask In Pedestrian Street Of Former Hankou Concession District In Wuhan Hubei China

Hankou concession district in Wuhan Hubei, China

View Of Hong Kong, 2009

International Commerce Centre and the Arch.

Rice Field In Yangshuo Guilin, China

Rice field in Yangshuo Guilin, China

Chengdu Town Square, China

Chengdu Town Square

Wide And Narrow Alley Or Kuanzhai Xiangzi Lanes View With People And Old Brick House In Chengdu Sichuan China

Kuanzhai Xiangzi lanes

2022 July

Dazai Terraces And Villages At Longji, Guangxi, China.

Dazai Terraces and villages at Longji, Guangxi, China.

Two Metal Workers Operating A Crane In A Steel Factory

Two metal workers operating a crane in a steel factory

Men Sailing On Small Boats On The Shennong Xi Stream

Men sailing on small boats on the Shennong Xi Stream


School of Suzhou University in South China.

Rice Terraced Field, Longsheng, China

Rice terraced field – Longsheng, China

Nanjing, China   March 8, 2022: The Beautiful Jiangsu Garden Expo Park Becomes A New Destination For Internet Celebrities. It Was Once The Remains Of Quarrying Pits And Abandoned Factories.

The beautiful Jiangsu Garden Expo park

2022 June

Mountainside Covered With Water Filled Rice Fields Creating Unique Pattern.

Yuangyang Hani rice terraces.

Mongolian Traditional Festival Naadam: Mongolian Wrestling

Mongolian traditional festival; Mongolian wrestling

Miao Village

Thousand Miao households in Xijiang Guizhou, China.

Terraced Rice Fields In Yuanyang County, Yunnan, China

Terraced rice fields, Yuanyang County

Temple Complex Of Wanshou Palace In Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Wanshou Palace, Nanchang City.

Eagle Hunter With His Eagle In Bayan Olgii, West Mongolia

Eagle hunter with his eagle.

Old Buildings In Chinese Architecture Style Converted To Modern Shopping Places On Yuyuan Old Street Adjacent To Yu Garden, A Famous Travel Destination In Downtown Shanghai, China

Shanghai market.

2022 May

Villages And Cultures   Mianshan Temples Near Pingyao   China

Villages and Cultures – Mianshan Temples near Pingyao.

Ancient Miao Villages In Guizhou, China

Ancient Miao Villages in Guizhou, China.

Dazai Terraces And Cable Car At Longji, Guangxi, China.

Terraces and cable car at Longji, Guangxi, China.

Landscape Of Guilin

Landscape of Guilin.

Asian Children Hiking In The Mountain

Children hiking on the mountain.

Lake View In The Chinese National Rainforest Park Yanoda

Lake view in the Chinese National Rainforest Park, Yanoda.

2022 April

Kazak Family In Rural Mongolia

Kazak family at home in rural Mongolia.

Xinjiang In 1996:An Ethnic Tajik Family Living In Pamir

An ethnic Tajik family wedding.

Little Boy Hugging His Grandfather On Rural Street, Guizhou, China.

Little boy hugs his grandfather – Guizhou, China.

Family Enjoying Meal In Traditional Chinese Clothing

Family enjoying meal in traditional Chinese clothing

Family Having A Video Call During Reunion Dinner On Chinese New Year Eve

Family enjoys a video call during a reunion celebration.

2022 March

Villages And Cultures   Mianshan Temples Near Pingyao   China

Mianshan temples near Pingyao China.

Rivers And Bridges In Mountain Villages

Rivers and bridges in mountain villages.

The Li Ethnic Minority Groups In China

Li ethnic minority women weaving baskets.

Fruit Seller On A City Street

Fruit seller on a city street.

Hong Kong Street Market

Seems like everyone’s come shopping today!

2022 February

Metal Smelting Furnace In Steel Mills

Chinese steel mill. Smelting furnace.

Worker Moving Steel In The Steel Market

Chinese worker moving steel.

China Thermal Power Plant

China thermal power plant.

Beautiful Nanpu Bridge At Dusk ,crosses Huangpu River ,shanghai

Beautiful Nanpu bridge at dusk. Shanghai.

View Through Window Of Shanghai Skyscraper To Low Rise Residential District In Pudong.

Modern China, Shanghai skyscraper.

2022 January

As we close the month of January, let’s wish our Chinese colleagues a Very
Happy 2022, the Year of the Tiger!

Cute Plasticine Cartoon Childish Tiger Symbol Of Chinese New Year.

Let’s celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

Chinese New Year Lanterns In Chinatown.

Red Chinese lanterns add a festive touch for Chinese New Year

Grandfather Practising Chinese Calligraphy For Chinese New Year Fai Chun (Auspicious Messages) And Teaching His Grandson By Writing On Couplets At Home

Grandfather teaching grandson calligraphy for Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year Design Background

Traditional symbols of Chinese New Year

Asian Chinese Family Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Having Traditional Dishes At Dining Table

A Chinese family enjoys a traditional New Year’s dinner together.

2021 November

Scenery Of Fenghuang Ancient Town, Hunan Province

Fenghuang, Hunan Province.

Ancient Houses And Rivers In Fenghuang Ancient City, Hunan Province

The ancient city of Fenghuang.

North Point Market Tram

A tram squeezes past shoppers and stalls.

Shanghai Sunrise

Morning in Shanghai.

Hong Kong Skyline, Kowloon District

Hong Kong skyline.

Aerial Photography China Shenzhen Skyscraper

Shenzuzhen skyscrapers.

Beijing Central Business District Buildings Skyline, China Cityscape

Beijing central business district.

2021 October

White Beard

A fisherman in Guangxi province gets ready for night fishing.

Shoppping Street In Shanghai, China

An evening shopping on Nanjing Road, in Shanghai City.

Hong Kong Skyline At Sunrise

A beautiful Hong Kong sunrise.

Hong Kong Skyline With Dramatic Sky

Hong Kong’s dramatic skyline.

Victoria Harbor In Hong Kong At Dusk

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong at dusk.

2021 September

Since the pandemic, these are a few of the things we miss the most!
Let your Chinese colleagues know you miss them too! See Dr. Wood’s latest Vlog. (Home Page)

Asian Business Team Having A Meeting

Constructive meetings.

Beautiful Modern City At Night In Shanghai, China

Inspiring views.

Imperial Pen Peak Of Zhangjiajie

Peaceful landscapes.

Cityscape Of Guiyang At Night

Cultural mix of old and new.

Young Asian Business People Meeting In Office

Working with friends.

2021 June

View Of Shenzhen

A crystal clear view of Shenzhen from Nanshan park.

Chengdu, China On The Jin River

Chengdu, Sichuan, China at Anshun Bridge.

Mountains Of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Mountains of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China.

Tsaatan Boy With A Reindeer In A Landscape Of Northern Mongolia

Young Tsaatan boy in north Mongolian landscape with a baby reindeer.

The Great Wall Of Jinshan Mountains In The Cloud Sea

The Great Wall of Jinshan Mountains in the Cloud Sea.

Rice Paddies Weblegacy

Sunrise, Rice paddy in the front, village and mountains in the back.

2021 May

Traditional Chinese Village In Yunnan Province.

A picturesque, traditional Chinese village in Yunnan Province

Bridge In Hong Kong And Container Cargo Freight Ship

Word4Asia is constantly bridging new relationship in China!

Temple Of Heaven

A glimpse of old China; the beautiful Temple of Heaven, in Beijing.

2021 April


An historic pavilion in Nanking.

China Suzhou Garden Boats CEP

Suzhou garden boats.

Skyline Of Modern City With Cloudscape In Guangzhou

After it rains, the sun comes out.


Beautiful Guangzhou!

2021 March

Landscape Of Guilin

Fantastically beautiful Guilin is like nowhere else on earth.

Chinese Boy With Big Smile At School,looking At Camera

Smiling on the inside leads to smiling on the outside!

Chinese Senior Man Tapping On Mobile In Wooden House

In China, old meets new just about everywhere you look these days.

2019 December

Gene 7

Lanterns, mopeds and bicycles; old meets new in Vietnam.

Gene 8

Vietnam; A gentle land of beauty and culture.

Gene 9

A bustling street scene.

2019 November

IMG 2319

Gene and Liping had a warm reunion with an old friend.

IMG 2318

Dr. Gene Wood spoke at the Amity Foundation in Nanjing.

IMG 3125

A productive meeting with colleagues.

IMG 8592

Gene met with his good friend in the publishing business.

IMG 1860

Gene with old friends during our latest visit.

2019 September

20190504 223212

Not the “Great Wall”, but a great wall.

20190504 222954

It happens here.

20190504 222942

An ancient gateway.

20190501 224131

Gene sweeps up.

20190501 222137

A friend to us all.

20190427 051006

A modern view in an ancient land.

20190425 200141

We had lunch as we studied.

2019 August

20190504 223524

A beautiful view of an old village.

20190504 223802

Over the roof tops.

20190504 224438

An ancient facade.

20190504 224454

Village life.

20190504 225723

A Chinese garden.

20190506 225917

Panoramic view

2019 July

20190504 225819

Graceful architecture and breathtaking views.

20190504 225231

A place for quiet meditation.

20190504 222942

The path is long.

20190504 222454

A modern monument in an ancient land.

20190422 200625

China; riding on the currents of history, sailing into the future.

2019 June

IMG 7235

During our meeting with Rev. Shan Wei Xiang.

IMG 7233

Meeting in Shanghai with Rev. Shan Wei Xiang, VP of China Christian Council.

IMG 5935

Meeting with Executive Director Mrs. Dai Chenjing & Mrs. Daisy Xue, China.

IMG 5932

Gene at the former residence of Song Qing Ling, widow of ROC founder, Sun Yat-Sen.

20190425 192415

A gathering of friends.

20190501 223929

In good company.

20190504 223053

China is old.

20190506 225852

China is new!

2019 May

#1. Taizhou City Wood Carving Mansion

Taizhou City wood carving mansion.

#2.Yangzhou Slender West Lake View

A view of the lake from the bridge.

#3.Yangzhou Slender West Lake View

Water, land and sky.

#4.Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Feeling centered. The world still turns round.

#5.Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Two views!

#6.Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Another view of the beautiful lake.

#7.Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Yangzhou slender west lake.

#8. A Pavilion In Zhenjiang

A pavilion in Zhenjiang.

#9. Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge

Taizhou Yangtze River bridge.

#10. Zhenjiang Hotel Lobby Fancy Stone Carving

Zhenjiang hotel lobby fancy stone carving.

#11. Nanjing City View From Hotel Room

Nanjing City view from hotel room.

20190422 014137

Built for speed.

20190422 021351

Car show in China.

20190422 183237

Gene views the river from his boat-ride vantage point.

20190422 193009

Decorations in stone.

20190501 223929

Meeting with friends.

20190504 222527

Beautiful architecture.

20190504 223600

Ancient gate stands between two walls.

20190504 224526

A look into China’s past.

20190504 224901

An ancient city gate.

20190505 002721

All mapped out.

20190506 225852

A view of modern China.

20190506 225917

Ancient lake, modern city.

20190501 224118

Gene sweeps up.

20190422 200918

Bars in a window and a view to a world.

20190504 224010

The history and beauty of ancient China.

2019 January

IMG 1441

In a historic district near Shanghai.

IMG 1439

A bird’s eye view of the canal.

IMG 1438

Your view onboard the canal barge.

IMG 1437

Dr. Wood demonstrates that ‘hope floats’.

IMG 1434

An historic mail box, still in use outside Shanghai.

IMG 1433

An exhibit about the lives of the postal workers.

IMG 1432

Paintings recount the heroism of traveling Chinese postal workers.

IMG 1431

A view inside this fascinating museum.

IMG 1430

A museum sign recounts the history of Chinese mail.

IMG 1429

When pictures tell a thousand words.

IMG 1428

Dr. Wood converses with a cardboard cut-out.

IMG 1426

Dr. Wood studies in a small museum, once a Qing Dynasty post office.

IMG 1425

Chinese lanterns and ancient bridges whisper across the centuries.

IMG 1424

A pretty bridge crosses an ancient canal.

IMG 1423

Little market stalls that lead to the canals.

IMG 1420

Canals that used to carry cargo and mail, now mainly tourism.

IMG 1419

Dr. Wood visiting the ‘Venice of the Orient’.

IMG 1418

1,700 years of history in beautiful Zhu Jia Jiao.

IMG 1417

A Chinese market mixes traditional and modern.

2018 December

Tim Chan Christmas

Our colleague, Tim with his grand child at Christmas!

Tim Chan 2

Tim, and his family. Merry Christmas, Tim!


Our colleague, Summer, captured this festive photo in a Chinese shopping mall.


Summer always has her eyes open to delicious new surprises!


Christmas decorations at the mall!

2018 November

While in China this month, Gene was a participant in the 2018 Executive Conference in Beijing. It is a bi-annual gathering hosted by PRI and led by Dwight Nordstrom. These first images describe the event.

20181025 154317

Size of the internet population in China.

20181025 133637

Economic facts shared at the conference.

232 R

The President of the American Chamber of Commerce provides some perspective.

858 R

Dwight Nordstrom leading part of the meeting.


The hotel began as a quarry.

20181025 090634

Meeting attendants.

20181025 132241

More meeting attendants.


It became the Shimao Intercontinental Wonderland hotel.

20181025 131849

A fun moment with Gene Ontejes, board member of the Chick-fil-A foundation.

20181122 193003

In the evenings they have a stupendous water show.


Where all the stars come out.

20181122 193021

They really hit the bulls eye with this place!

20181122 193023

Something totally out of this world!

20181122 193034

While still sharing the beauty of the natural world.

20181122 193034

It puts the artistry of the Chinese culture in close-up!

20181030 072128

What a view!

20181030 072133

Looking across the park to the city below.

20181030 072147

This is modern China.

2018 October

20181024 132627

Views of a beautiful, modern Chinese train station.

20181024 132635

Where are we going today?

20181024 132644

Stunning glass windows and iron work.

2018 September

IMG 20180925 113358

Homes along the river. This is China.

IMG 20180925 111712

Picturesque scene; peaceful harmony.

IMG 20180921 193606

Delicious food tells me it’s time for dinner!

IMG 20180925 151135

Ominous rain clouds before the rain.

#7. Street View From Jiangsu

A street view from Jiangsu.

#6.Leo And His Daughter

Leo and his daughter. One proud Papa!

#5. Street View From Jiangsu

A different street view from Jiangsu.

#4.A Boy And His Baby Carriage  From Yunnan

In China, great writers start early in life!

#2.Mountains Tour In Jiangsu

A majestic view of beautiful China.

#1.Mountains Tour In Jiangsu

Enjoying a mountains tour in Jiangsu.

2018 June

20180607 091619

Hard working students pay close attention.

20180607 091601

The love of learning is a life-long gift.

20180607 091555

A deep dive into studies.

20180605 101030

Gene finds time for a nap.

20180605 100746

Gene as the Great Jade Buddah.

20180605 093906

Posing with friends.

20180604 160448

Another day and another class filled with eager students.

20180604 160434

Team teaching in China.

20180601 200629

Attending a wellness conference in China.

20180601 200513

A busy day at the wellness conference.

20180601 200543

At the wellness conference.

20180605 092936

Gene takes a selfie with a friend.

20180605 092842

Serenity and beauty.

20180605 095625

So sad… He’s hitting the bottle again….

20180605 095535

It’s warm today. Let’s just rest here a while.

20180605 095412

Monkeying around.

20180605 093346

Good friends and good times!

20180605 093228

What a fun day we had here!

20180605 093203

Like brothers.

20180605 093036

Enjoying the day with friends.

20180605 092642

Visiting a picturesque spot.

20180605 101936

He looks so regal – but do you think he’s a little ‘hangry’?

20180605 101656

Everything is so bright and festive!

20180605 101646

Ancient architecture.

20180605 101643

In China, history is everywhere you look.

2018 May

#1.Yunnan Dai Minority Architectural Style

Architecture of the Yunnan Dai minority.

#3. Street View In Dehong,Yunnan

Street view in Dehong, Yunnan

#4. Mountains View In Dehong,Yunnan

Mountains view in Dehong, Yunnan.

#9. Where Yunnan Lisu Minority Lives

Where Yunnan Lisu minority live.

#10.Lisu Girls Are Dancing To Welcome Guests

Lisu girls performing a welcome dance.

#11.Some Yunnan Lisu Minority Preachers Received Motorbikes

Our friends in the Yunnan Lisu minority.

#7. Leo With Two Dai Minority Girls

Leo and two Dai minority girls.

#8. Dai Minority People

Dai minority people.

#6.The Little Girl Is Ready For Water Fight

Nothing beats the heat like a good squirt gun fight!

#5.The Yunnan Dai Water Sprinkling Festival

The Yunnan Dai Water Sprinkling festival.

#2. A Dai Girl With A Watermelon On Tractor  Dehong,Yunnan

Celebrating the refreshment of delicious watermelon!

5c2bb27f D9a8 4596 8c39 7570389cc2db

Beautiful Shanghai at night.

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Chinese architecture blends beauty and technology.

F79adad5 695e 43c9 A7b6 C3f982be5e9d

The upward thrust of progress.

Fdc79412 3b27 474d 9829 6044613cb7dc

Modern silhouttes pierce the night.

2018 April

20180406 112302

A fascinating presentation.

20180406 112222

Important information shared with a crowd.

20180331 100958

Blue sky, blue water. Beautiful day!

20180324 154702

Children busy painting their crafts.

20180324 154336

A walk through the town market.

20180324 120128

Happy, curious children greet us.

20180324 115559

Three reflections of their mother’s love.

20180324 114701

Isn’t she sweet!

20180324 112733

So happy to learn!

20180324 112110

Beautiful children!

2018 March


A thoughtful look on this young face.


Digging for gold.


Sleeping peacefully.

Children Make Us Smile

This princess enjoyed her ice cream.

Blossom Festival
Blossom Festival Hubei

Blossom festival in Hebei province.


A rural banquet.

20180226 190103

A turn to the right.

20180226 151021

Beautiful blossoms.

20180226 142109

Old architecture in an ancient land.

Rural China Still Exists

In rural China, the old ways still endure.

Preparing Lunch

Fixing lunch in the countryside.

Family Vehicle

A bicycle built for four!

Drying Shoes

To avoid wet feet, dry your shoes.

Disney Anyone

Which ones are the real characters here?

2018 January

#10. Paste The Antithetical Couplet To Welcome The New Year

Pasting couplets – another New Year’s tradition.

#9.New Year's Eve Dinner

A New Year’s Feast.

#8. Making Dumplings In Chinese New Year

Traditional dumplings for Chinese New Year.

#7. Parents Play Fireworks With Children In The Front Of Their House

Another Chinese New Year tradition.

#6. People Go To Zoo With Children In Chinese New Year

A trip to the zoo; Chinese New Year.

#5. People Are Selling Tomatoes On Sticks During Chinese New Year

Tomatoes on sticks; Chinese New Year tradition.l

#4. Girl Is So Happy When She Gets Red Envelope And Tomatoes On Sticks

Traditional Chinese New Year Gifts.

#3. Lady Prepare For Chinese New Year And Worshipping Her God

Preparing for Chinese New Year

#2. People Play Dragon Dance In Chinese New Year

Ancient Chinese Dragon Dance.

#1. People Play Dragon Dance In Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

2017 November

IMG 0132

A bird’s eye view.

IMG 0133

Squeeky clean!

IMG 0136

Gene and Liping with good friends.

IMG 0145

Liping teaches a crowd.

IMG 20171103 194222

A Chinese market.

IMG 20171105 100523

Good things come in small packages.

IMG 20171105 100534

Filling up the truck.

IMG 20171105 100738

He knows where he’s going!

IMG 20171105 101344

Gathering together.

IMG 20171105 134254

Traditional costumes.

IMG 20171105 140318

Red symbolizes luck!

IMG 20171105 144310

Happy to see such a great crowd!

Duck Head

A favorite food.

Food On Bullet Train

A quick lunch on the bullet train.

Yummy Noodle

Noodles – YUM!

View Of Nanjing

View of Nanjing.

Pretty Dragons Wall

Pretty dragon wall.

Nanjing Crowd

A shopping crowd in Nanjing.

Mini Hot Pot

A small meal from a mini hot pot.

Hot Pot

Traditional hot pot meal.

Gift Shopping In Nanjing

Gift shopping in Nanjing.

2017 October

IMG 0119

Gene with Dwight Nordstrom and a guest at the China Source briefing.

IMG 0120

Dwight Nordstrom, CEO of ZDL, spoke at the China Source briefing.

2017 September

#1. Street Food On The Way To A Church In Yunnan

Delicious street food in Yunnan.

#2. After Church Service An Old Leady With Her Granddaughter In Yunnan

Grandmother and Grand Daughter in Yunnan.

#3. How People Carry Woods In Yunnan

Carrying a heavy load.

#4. Nanjing China Train Station Waiting Hall

Waiting at the station in Nanjing.

#5. Where People Live In Xianning Hubei Rural Area

Visiting the Xianning Hubei rural area.

#6. Landscap In Yunnan

A tranquil landscape in Yunnan.

#7. Morning View Outside Of A Mountain Church In Hubei

Early morning view in Hubei.

#8. Farmland And River In Northeast Of China

A river winds through Northeast China.

#10. Outside Of A Chinese Rural Church

Who is this little girl waiting for?


A traditional screen in a Chinese restaurant.


A modern Chinese restaurant.

Crispy Rice Crust W Wild Fish

Crispy rice and fish.

2017 August

20170821 041804

Close friends and a delicious meal.

Reaching The Back

Reaching everyone.

In Good Company

In good company.


With good friends.

Faces In The Crowd

Faces in the crowd.

Traditional Spicy Food Sichuan

Traditional, spicy Sichuan food.

Traditional Chinese Gate

A traditional Chinese gate.

Spicy Frog

Spicy frog.

Spicy Food   Lazy Susan Table

Spicy food on a lazy susan.

Jade Horses

Jade horses.

Home Made Dumplings

Home made dumplings.

Fried Cicada

Fried cicada – yum!

Foggy Morning Lakeside

Morning fog.

Fish Restaurant Yangtzi River

A fish restaurant on the Yangtzi river.

Delegate Eating Silk Worm

Delegate eating silk worm.

Cold Shrimp   Sweet Potato Flower

Cold Shrimp Sweet Potato Flower.

10. Leo Hurt His Leg Because He Wants Be Like Kobe Bryant   复件

Leo wishes he was Kobe Bryant.

9.Harbin Flood Control Monument

Harbin Flood Control Monument

8. Shanghai Night View  Took From Oriental Pearl

Shanghai Night View.

7.A Gril Is Taking Picture On Dali Erhai Lake

A girl on Dali Erhai Lake.

2017 July to December

20170821 041804

Dinner with friends in Jiangsu

Another Fabulous Day In Pu Dong

Another fabulous day in Pu Dong.

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Big city sunrise in China


A modern bridge spans the river


Bridge into the old village.

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Beautiful skyline at night.


China’s natural beauty.

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A beautiful, modern bridge.

1. Yunnan Bai Minority Group Cooking Food

Yunnan Bai Minority cooking food.

2. Yunnan Bai Minority Group Cooking Food

Yunnan Bai minority cooking food.

3. Yunnan Bai Minority Group People Taking Picture With Their Traditional Clothing

Yunnan Bai minority in traditional clothing.

4. A Primary School For Yunnan Bai Minority Group

Primary school for Yunnan Bai minority.

5. Yunnan Dali Old City Street

Yunnan Dali old city street.

6. Yunan Lisu Minority People Are Dancing

Yunnan Lisu minority dancing

7.A Gril Is Taking Picture On Dali Erhai Lake

Beautiful girl on lake Dali Erhai

8. Shanghai Night View  Took From Oriental Pearl

Shanghai nights!

9.Harbin Flood Control Monument

Harbin flood control monument.

10. Leo Hurt His Leg Because He Wants Be Like Kobe Bryant   复件

Leo learns he is NOT Kobe Bryant

Cold Shrimp   Sweet Potato Flower

Sweet Potato looks like cold shrimp.

Delegate Eating Silk Worm

Eating delicious silk worm.

Fish Restaurant Yangtzi River

A fish restaurant on the Yangzi river.

Foggy Morning Lakeside

A foggy morning, lakeside.

Fried Cicada

Delicious fried cicada.

Home Made Dumplings

Home made dumplings.

Jade Horses

Jade horse decoration.

Spicy Food   Lazy Susan Table

Spicy food on a lazy susan table.

Spicy Frog

Spicy frog.

Traditional Chinese Gate

A traditional Chinese gate.

Traditional Spicy Food Sichuan

Traditional spicy food from Sichuan.

2017 January to June

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Big city sunrise in China

Walking Street In Bai Minority Prefercture

Walking street in Bai minority prefecture.

Tropical Southern China Architecture

Tropical Southern China architecture.

Miao Village Paiintings Sidewalk

Miao village sidewalk paintings.

Miao Minority Village

Miao minority village.

Breakfast At Roadside

Breakfast at roadside restaurant.

Gift Of Bikes

Gift of bikes.

Euro Sino Village Created In Yunnan Province

Euro-Sino village, Yunnan province.

Euro Sino Village

Euro-Sino village.

W4A Team During May Projects

W4A team during May projects.

View Of Shanghai From Pu Dong

View of Shanghai from Du Pong.

Beautiful Mountain Landscape Southern China

Beautiful mountain landscape, southern China.

Shopping In Nanchong R1

Shopping in Nanchong.

Hosted By The City RAB R1

Hosted by the city RAB.

A Mutual Language Through Art R1

Art, a shared language.

Chongqing City

Chongqing City.

Architecture And Lighting

Light and architecture.

Hosted By The City RAB

Hosted by the city RAB.

Sculptures In The Streets

Street sculpture.

Skyscrapers Towering Above

Towering skyscrapers.

Touring The Amity Press

Touring the Amity Press.

Taking Our Team On A Tour

Taking our team on a tour.

Recharging At The Park

Recharging at the park.

Snow Before Spring

Snow before spring.

Art From A Local

Art from a local.

Another Beautiful Sunset

Another beautiful sunset.

Getting Out Of The City R1

Getting out of the city.

Hand Paintings

Hand paintings.

Breathtaking Sunset

A breathtaking sunset.

Festive Decorations

Festive decorations.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland.

Golden Rays Peaking Through

Golden rays peeking through.

Guess The Temperature

Guess the temperature.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year.

Morning Warm Ups

Morning warm ups.

Main Street Brightly Decorated

Main street, brightly decorated.

Harbin International Ice And Snow Festival

Harbin international ice and snow festival.

Historical Architecture

Historical architecture.

Ice Sculpture Park

Ice sculpture park.

Street Food

Street food

Open To The Public

Open to the public

Takin In The Varitey Of Color

Taking in the variety of color.

Modern Chinese Hotel Lobby

Modern Chinese hotel lobby.

Beautiful Day

Enjoying this very beautiful day

Building Something In An Empty Space

Building something in an empty space.

Henry And Liping Ducking Seagulls

Henry and Liping ducking seagulls.

Wuxi Picture #1

Visiting Wuxi.

Hong Kong Airport

A stop at the Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi 2

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi.

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi

Hong Kong Phun Hei Phat Choi (2).

Leap Frog

Leap Frog.

My Favorite Airport

My favorite airport.

Talking Business In China

Talking business in China.

Taxi Ride To The Airport

Taxi ride to the airport.

They Say It Is Fog

They say it’s fog.

Winter In The Spring City

Winter in the Spring City.

Winter Decorations R1

Winter decorations.

Foggy Winter Morning R1

Foggy winter morning.

Shopping Local R1

Shopping locally.

Local Tapestries

Local tapestries.

Sun Breaking Through City Buildings R1

Sun breaking through city buildings.

Crisp Winter Morning

Crisp winter morning.

Nantong Picture

Visiting Nantong.


A modern bridge spans the river


Bridge into the old village.

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Beautiful skyline at night.


China’s natural beauty.


Dec Leaving The City For The Water

Leaving the city for the water.

Add To December W4a Annual Christmas Gifts R1

W4A annual Christmas gifts.

15000 Christmas Gift Boxes Being Prepared And Shipped For Children To Open On Christmas

15,000 gift boxes given to Chinese children.

Our View From A Local Tourist Spot

At a local tourist spot.

Commuting In Different Ways

Ways to commute.

Fueling The Fire For Our Next Meal

Firing up our next meal.

A Piece Of Nature Reserved

Nature reserved.

Clothes Line To Hang Dry In Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai clothes lines.

A Foggy Morning Bringing A Chill To The Air

A chilly, foggy morning.

Banquet Dinner With Friends From The Amity Press

A banquet with friends from the Amity Press.

Empero Liubang In The Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty Emperor, Liubang

Enough Said

Enough said!

Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance.

A Full House Attends The Elder Care Training

Full attendance at Elder Care training.

Handwashing Clothes In Rural China

Handwashing clothes; rural China

Also In English

Also in English

Carol Co Trains With Gene Received A Warm Welcome On A Cold Day In November

A warm greeting for Carol in chilly November.

Parking Spaces For Bikes In Old Shanghai

Bike parking spaces in Old Shanghai.

Information On Display At A Blind Date Event

Details displayed at a blind date event.

Having A Competitive Staring Competition

Are YOU looking at ME?

Joy Comes From Those Great And Small

Joy spans all ages.

Site Seeing Throughout The Country

Country-wide site seeing!

Table For One Please

A table for one, please!

W4a Enjoying Dinner With Friends In China

W4A enjoying dinner with friends.

Patiently Waiting For The Next Train

Time used well while awaiting our train.

The Moon Diseappears As The Sun Rises

One rises, while the other sets.

Traditional Farming

Traditional farming.

Trying On The Traditional Clothing

Dressing traditionally.

Visiting The Amity Press

Visiting the Amity Press.

Using Wechat To Say Merry Christmas To All In Chinese From W4a

Sending Christmas Cheer through Wechat.

Visiting Mangshan In The Henan Province

Visiting Mangshan; Henan Province.

W4a Guest Experiences Chinese Hospitality

A W4A guest enjoys Chinese hospitality.

We Were Left With A Real Cliff Hanger

A real cliff hanger!

Watching The Local Vendors Handcraft Items

A local vendors plies his craft.

Handing Out Needed Items

Handing out needed items.

Traditional Cooking

Traditional cooking

Still Shopping Even With The Rain

Still shopping even with the rain

Traveling From One Farm To Another

Traveling from one farm to another

Everything Looks Like A Clean Slate After A Refreshing November Rain

After a November rain.

A Quick Stop For A Snack

A quick stop tor a snack

A City So Bright And Colorful That A Picture Cant Capture The Beauty

Color, light and beauty!

Time For A Family Play Date

Time for a family play date.

Taking In The Crisp Air

Taking in the crisp air.

Preparing A Home Cooked Meal

A home cooked meal.

One Of Many Delicious Lunches

Another delicious lunch!

Architecture In The City

Architecture in the city.

A Freinds Wedding

A friend’s wedding.

A Dance Performance

A dance performance.

Sometimes The Journey Isnt Easy

A difficult journey.

Looking For Parking

Looking for parking.

Finding The Strength To Walk The Path

Finding the strength to walk the earth.

Emperors Cup

Emperor’s cup.

Can You Count How Many People Are On Thier Phones

How many people are on their phones?

A Guest Tries Chicken Feet

A guest tries chicken feet.

Taylor Team Makes New Friends

The Taylor team makes new friends.

Dr. Gene Meeting With SARA

Dr. Gene meeting with SARA.

Friendly Game Of Ping Pong

Friendly game of ping-pong.

Hudson Taylor 100th Year Anniversary

Hudson Taylor 100th Year Anniversary.

Hudson Taylor Monument

Hudson Taylor monument.

Nanjing Xuanwu Lake

Nanjing Kuanwu lake.



Receiving A Gift From SARA

A gift from SARA.

Replica And Actual Tombstone

Replica and actual tombstone.

Starting With Lunch

Starting with lunch.

Enjoying A Nice Banuet Dinner

Enjoying a nice banquet dinner.


Sharing the mic.


Finishing training a large group.


Meeting with colleagues in China.


Greg and Leo.


Getting ready for a quick tour.


Beautiful night-time skyline.


Steps to success.


Helping prepare our next meal.


One of many feasts.


A look at the journey ahead.

Stopping To Take In The Beautiful View

Taking in the beautiful view.

One Of Many Banquets

One of many banquets.

Night Shopping

Night shopping.

Night Lights In Winter

Night lights i winter.

Nanjing Sun Yatsen Mousoleum

Nanjing Sun Yatsen mausoleum.

Modern Architecture In The City

Modern architecture in the city.

Exploring At Night

Exploring at night.

Catching The Light Reflecting Off The Water In Nanjing

Reflected light in Nanjing.

A Lesson In Tea

A lesson in tea.

Building Relationshps While Shopping

Building relationships while shopping.

Visiting The Great Wall

Visiting the great wall.

Teaching Others About Business

Teaching others about business.

Taking A Lunch Break

Taking a lunch break.

Farmers Harvesting Their Crops

Farmers harvesting their crops

Watching Different Workers Converse While They Commute

Watching different workers converse while they commute

In China Briefing The Taylor University Scripture Engagement Team R1

Briefing the Taylor University Scripture Engagement team.

Striking A Pose

Striking a pose.


Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Dressing Up As Santa

Dressing up as Santa

Happy Faces

Happy Faces

Joyous Smiles

Joyous Smiles

Confucian Temple

Confucian Temple

Gene And Carol Wood With Friends, Hosted By Mr. Lieu Amity Printing Press

Gene and Carol Wood with Friends, Hosted by Mr. Lieu Amity Printing Press

Peking Duck Is Served

Peking Duck is Served

Preparation Is Key

Preparation is Key

Rural Winter

Rural Winter

Scooters Enhance Itinerant Work

Scotters Enhance Itinerant Work

Shopping In Rural China

Shopping in Rural China

Thinking Like A Leader

Think Like a Leader

Briefing Before The Project

Briefing Before The Project

Debrief Banquet   A Time Of Sharing

Debrief Banquet A Time Of Sharing

Final Decision On The Nanjing Wall

Final Decision On The Nanjing Wall

Helping Any Way We Can

Helping Any Way We Can

Beautiful Downtown Nanjing

Beautiful Downtown Nanjing

Beginning The Day On The Nanjing Wall

Beginning The Day On The Nanjing Wall

New Friends For A Lifetime

New Friends For A Lifetime

A Night Out

A Night Out

An Open Market

An Open Market

City Lights

City Lights

Debriefing Banquet

Debriefing Banquet

Kitchen Talk

Kitchen Talk

Local RAB Welcomes First Foreign Guest To Their County

Local RAB Welcomes First Foreign Guest to Their Country

Making New Friends

Making New Friends

Modern Arcitecture

Modern Architecture

Touring The Nanjing Wall

Touring the Nanjing Wall

Winter In The Country

Winter in the Country

Gathering For A Banquet

Gathering for a banquet.

The Bullet Train Agrees With Them

The Bullet Train Agrees With Them.

The Final Steps

The final steps.

The Hutong Tour In Beijing

The Hutong Tour in Beijing.

Touring Amity Printing Press

Touring Amity Printing Press.

Victory At The Top Of The Wall

Victory At The Top Of The Wall.


Amity Foundation 1
Amity Foundation 2
Amity Foundation 3



2014-08-Bozhou (36) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (40) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (41) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (42) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (43) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (44) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (45) opt
2014-08-Bozhou (46) opt




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IMG 0690
IMG 0736
Medical July 2013 - 1
Medical July 2013 - 2
Medical July 2013 - 3
Medical July 2013 - 4
Medical July 2013 - 5
Medical July 2013 - 6
Preparations for free dental clinics

Bible Distribution

bible distribution (10)
bible distribution (15)
bible distribution (17)
bible distribution (19)
bible distribution (2)
bible distribution (23)
bible distribution (24)
bible distribution (26)
bible distribution (9)

The People We Serve

IMG 0024
IMG 0090
May 2012 by Liping pt2 165
miscellaneous (1)
people we serve (1)
people we serve (2)
people we serve (30)
people we serve (4)
people we serve (7)


consulting photo gallery (5)
consulting pics (1)
consulting pics (11)
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consulting pics (15)
consulting pics (20)
consulting pics (3)
consulting pics (5)
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consulting pics (9)


2010-07-14 (59)-China by Liping
2011-01-03 (44)-China by Carol Wood
2012-02-16-China by Leo (64)
2012-02-16-China by Leo (72)
2013-05-29-Beijing & Harbin (83)
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China is a Big Country

After 3 years hiatus due to Covid, I have been asked, “Well, what do you think?” “What are your takeaways?” “What’s the difference before and after Covid?”

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International Consulting in China

On April 7th we met at the China Enterprise Confederation, which is listed as a consulting and training center in the Haidian District of Beijing.

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Business Travel in China – UPDATE

By now all China watchers know the zero-covid policy in the PRC was lifted in January.

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