China is a Big Country

Tea time with Seminary President Rev. Chen of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary Returning from our most recent trip to China, after 3 years hiatus due to Covid, I have been asked, “Well, what do you think?”  “What are your takeaways?”  “What’s the difference before and after Covid?”  Difficult questions to even begin answering in an […]

International Consulting in China

Word4Asia has been an active member of IMC (institute of Management Consultants) since 2012. We appreciate their Code of Ethics (see our website) and also the camaraderie and reciprocal learning from other management professionals. An IMC colleague suggested I contact Consultants in China. On April 7th we met at the China Enterprise Confederation, which is […]

Business Travel In China – UPDATE

By now all China watchers know the zero-covid policy in the PRC was lifted in January.  For the interim (until last week), those entering China were required to apply for a single-entry visa.  In the midst of our visas being processed welearned that you will now receive a multiple entry visa once again (if you […]

What Now? Listen!!

What now? Listen!! We have waited for the election of Mr. Xi to his third term. Apart from a small amount of drama with the public humiliation and removal of former leader Hu Jintao nothing unexpected took place among the consensus of China watchers. Mr. Xi now has his people in place. The surveillance apparatus […]



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