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Clients and friends are always invited and welcome.  The sizzling heat in the greater Phoenix area is diminishing and the next few months are ideal for an ESCAPE from the chilly Autumn and cold Winter weather.  Please add a stop in Scottsdale to your travel itinerary and let Word4Asia host you for a couple of days!


Gene and Liping are in China in November. Check back in December for some updates!

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Word4Asia specializes in assuring non-profit organizations achieve their purposes in China and Southeast Asia.

Too many well-intentioned organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting, exploring, planning and meeting yet have little to report when asked "What are you actually doing in China?"

W4A Consulting International guarantees we can turn your good intentions into actions.

If we conclude we are unable to help you we'll tell you early in our relationship to save everyone time and money.


Meet Kathlyne Anderson

Kathyne-photo Introduction: Kathlyne Anderson is the Executive Assistant for Word4Asia Consulting International, joining us in 2023.  Kathlyne has extensive experience in administration, running a small business and working with several non-profit organizations over the last 25+ years.  In her own words…”I love to come alongside leadership and fellow team members, supporting and enhancing their mission and goals. It is an honor to be a part of implementing the objectives of Word4Asia and Dr. Wood.”

Kathlyne is a native of the Pacific Northwest, born and raised in Oregon.  She met her husband Bryan while attending college in Washington.  Their adventures in work and service took them to Texas and Alaska for several years, before moving back to the Northwest.  Prior to moving to Prescott, Arizona in 2022, Kathlyne and Bryan ran a successful business in Washington for 18 years.

When they moved, their elder parents moved with them to Prescott.  Kathlyne and Bryan are grateful to spend time with and care for their parents.

Personal: In her spare time, Kathlyne loves to travel, try new restaurants, and find ways to serve in their local community.

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China is a Big Country

After 3 years hiatus due to Covid, I have been asked, “Well, what do you think?” “What are your takeaways?” “What’s the difference before and after Covid?”

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International Consulting in China

On April 7th we met at the China Enterprise Confederation, which is listed as a consulting and training center in the Haidian District of Beijing.

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Business Travel in China – UPDATE

By now all China watchers know the zero-covid policy in the PRC was lifted in January.

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