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Come visit Word4Asia in our new offices in the greater Phoenix area (Scottsdale, AZ)!

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Word 4 Asia has just opened a new office in Phoenix, Arizona, and we’re happy to tell you about it! Now in our third decade as a business, we’ve chosen Phoenix because the city’s vibrant business community is the best fit to our company culture and business values.


We’d like to take a few minutes to discuss why we’ve chosen Phoenix, out of all the places we could have chosen, to open our new office.

Phoenix has become an important business market in the West.

First, compared with other major cities in the West, this rugged, western city has always been business minded. For example, Entrepreneur magazine ranked Arizona 8th in “10 Best States for Starting a Business” in an April 2013. Phoenix is becoming a nexus for several growing industries, including Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Healthcare & Biomedical, Semiconductors, Software, Wearables. With leaders in growing industries choosing Phoenix as their home, it’s no wonder that this city is among the nation’s fastest-growing markets. An example of being business friendly, local companies benefit from refundable tax credits, reimbursable grants, and property tax reductions. In addition, the government here in Phoenix is small, pro-business and has the conservative values that match our own philosophy.

Big enough to support more businesses: Although the city is known for its desert climate, and heat, don’t mistake it for a sleepy desert town. In fact, it ranks #5 in terms of largest U.S. cities by population, it’s the only U.S. state capital with more than one million people living in it. The overall Phoenix metro, also including Scottsdale and Chandler, has nearly five million people living in its boundaries.

The Phoenix metro market (including Scottsdale and Chandler) is now home to over 5 million people!

Workforce: Successful companies need to recruit sharp, skilled employees and the University of Arizona is ranked #3 in the Western region for the number of successful graduates it produces every year. It’s the largest public university system in the nation.


Travel Access: We chose a city that would make it easy to travel and visit our colleagues and clients. Greater Phoenix is close to many major markets. By road, we’re within six hours of San Diego and Los Angeles, five hours of Las Vegas and under four hours to Mexico. Another critical issue was the ease of international travel. Phoenix has a great international airport, important as we await our first opportunity to return to China!

Sightseeing Opportunities: If you’re coming on business, whether it’s to see us, attend a conference, or work with other colleagues, you’ll have no shortage of interesting things to see once you get here. We’re best known for our spectacular desert vistas. Be sure to leave time in your schedule to visit one or more of these exciting tourist destinations:

  • Camelback Mountain
  • Arizona State Fair
  • Heritage Square Phoenix
  • Chinese Cultural Center
  • Canaan in the Desert
  • Gila River War Relocation Center
  • Hunt’s Tomb
  • Steele Indian School Park
  • Tovrea Castle

If pro sports are more  your ‘thing’, then Phoenix has plenty of options, depending on the season. We’ve got NHL, NBA, and MLB sports teams here (Coyotes, Diamondbacks, Suns respectively) and we’re known for our world class golf courses as well.

We hope you’ll come and visit us whenever you’re in town.  You’ll find us here, at our new address:

7702 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd., Suite 300 • Scottsdale, AZ 85258 

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